How to recruit a CEO

How to recruit a new CEO for your entity.

Before you start

Before you start any recruitment, check if anyone on your board has a conflict of interest. You need to continue to monitor this, as a conflict may arise as recruitment progresses.

Anyone with a conflict of interest needs to declare the conflict and your board needs to decide how to manage it.

Prepare to recruit


Attract candidates



Assess candidates



Select a candidate



Document your process and decisions


Your recruitment sub-committee or board secretary must collect and securely store all the documents created as part of recruitment, such as:

  • the position description
  • advertisements for the role
  • candidate application material
  • notes made during interviews and referee checks
  • notes on how candidates were ranked and why
  • the contract with its terms and conditions
  • the letter of offer signed by the candidate
  • communication materials announcing the appointment.

Further reading

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  • executive remuneration guidelines.