How to apply

Learn how the process works when you apply

How to apply to a public board

  • Application opens

    Applications usually open for 30 to 60 days.

    Search board vacancies(opens in a new window) that match your skills, experience and interests.

  • Prepare your application

    Before you apply, read the vacancy page and any attachments.

    It's important to know:

    • about the board
    • about the role
    • who they're looking for
    • what you need to apply

    Check the board vacancy page for the closing date. You can't apply after this date.

  • Complete your application

    Select the board vacancy you'd like to apply for, then:

    • create an account or sign in
    • enter your details and attach the required documents
    • review your details
    • submit your application
    • wait for a confirmation email
  • Application closes

    Wait to hear from the recruitment manager. 

After you apply

  • Candidates are shortlisted

    1 to 3 weeks

    The recruitment manager makes a list of the strongest candidates for a vacant position and schedules interviews. 

  • Interview process begins

    3 to 6 weeks

    The recruitment manager runs the interviews and does referee checks on the preferred candidates. 

  • Probity checks

    6 weeks

    Preferred candidates will need to complete a declaration of private interests and the following checks:

    • Australian Securities and Investment Commission banned and disqualified person register
    • National Personal Insolvency Index 
    • National Criminal Record 

    Read more about these checks at Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines(opens in a new window)

  • Approval

    Up to 8 weeks if required

    The approval process will change depending on the board.

    For smaller boards, appointments may be made by the Minister alone. Appointments to larger boards may require the approval of the Cabinet and/or Governor-in-Council. 

    Read more at Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines(opens in a new window).

  • Successful and unsuccessful candidates notified

    The recruitment manager will notify successful candidates of their appointment verbally and through a letter of appointment. 

    Once the candidate accepts the position, the recruitment manager will notify unsuccessful candidates.


Create an account to get started

You'll need to create an account to apply. You can sign in anytime to update your details and check the status of your applications.