How to use this integrity guidance

Information on who this guidance is for and why we wrote it.

Who the integrity guidance is for

This guide is for new board directors.

It helps you understand your integrity obligations, which is a critical part of good governance.

The integrity obligations in this guide reflect the high standards the community expects of public sector organisations.

What you may see as acceptable in private sector organisations, can bring you, your board, employees and public sector organisations into disrepute.

Further reading

We also encourage you to read the investigation reports of Victoria’s integrity agencies to stay in touch with key integrity issues such as:

How organisations can use the integrity guidance

If you’re a public sector organisation, you can use this guidance to develop board inductions tailored to your needs.

You can give board directors more resources than what is in this guidance.

Why we wrote this integrity guidance

We wrote this guidance in response to the Victorian Ombudsman’s Investigation into allegations of improper conduct by officers at Goulburn Murray Water report(opens in a new window).

The report identified integrity risk areas board directors and boards need to be aware of.