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Applications close 3 June 2024


Role length:
Sessional, Up to 4 years
Bimonthly, Half day meetings
Melbourne - CBD
Salary not specified

About the board

The Premier and the Minister for Environment are supported by a Sustainability Fund Committee (Committee) as outlined in the Sustainability Fund Guidelines. The role of this Departmental Advisory Committee is to oversee the management of the Fund to support transparency and accountability, and provide impartial, strategic advice regarding all allocations from the Fund to the Minister prior to approval.

The Secretary of the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) appoints the following members to form the Committee:

  • independent Committee Chair; and
  • a minimum of four independent members

The Sustainability Fund is a hypothecated Trust Fund, established under section 449 of the Environmental Protection Act 2017 to foster:

  • environmentally sustainable uses of resources and best practices in waste management to advance the social and economic development of Victoria; and
  • community action or innovation in relation to the reduction of greenhouse gas substance emissions or adaptation or adjustment to climate change in Victoria.

The sole source of revenue for the Fund is the Victorian Municipal and Industrial Waste Levy (MIWL).

Allocations from the fund are made by joint consent of the Premier and Minister for Environment, in accordance with the Fund's Priority Statement and government policy.

About the role

The objectives of the Committee are to:

  • Ensure funds held in trust are managed consistent with legislation and good governance principles.
  • Provide advice to the Minister regarding allocations from the Fund.
  • Maintain community and stakeholders’ confidence in the management and application of the Fund.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Ensuring robust, transparent, and accountable management of the Sustainability Fund;
  • Providing impartial and strategic advice to the Minister as to whether funding proposals are compliant with the legislative objectives of the Act and aligned with the Fund’s strategic priorities;
  • Practicing cultural safety by creating environments, relationships, and systems free from racism and discrimination so that people can feel safe, valued, and able to participate.

The Committee receives secretariat support from the Sustainability Fund team within DEECA.

Who we're looking for

The applicant must have some and preferably all of the key selection criteria capabilities specified below:

  • Strong Governance understanding, and committee/board experience.
  • Policy and program management experience including awareness of strategic policy priorities of the government in the fields of waste and/or climate change.
  • Depth of knowledge in contemporary sustainability policy and practices including for example the energy transition.
  • Financial skills – knowledge of financial policy and procedures in government, the private sector or non-profits, Chartered Accountant or Certified Public Accountant preferred.
  • Strategic thinking – help establish clear priorities and objectives, working collegiately among diverse views and skills to achieve them.
  • In addition to these key competencies, any appointed Committee Member must bring the highest levels of integrity and confidentially and must be, and be perceived as being, impartial.

What you need to apply

Applicants are required to register an account on the Join a Public Board website ( prior to applying online.​

Applicants have the opportunity to address the key selection criteria and outline relevant qualifications and experience through completion of a letter that addresses the key selection criteria and a resume. Applicants should view all documents attached to the advertisement prior to applying. ​

Applicants are invited to look at the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change (DEECA) support modules at for its agencies to learn about how DEECA selects its board members and for other recommended reading.​

You do not have to disclose any personal information if you do not want to, but it can help us understand how we can support you through the recruitment process and beyond.

We invite you to tell us if you identify as Aboriginal, a person with disability, from a culturally or linguistically diverse background, LGBTIQ+ or a young person, aged 25 years old or less.

If you identify as any of the above, we welcome the opportunity to contact you and discuss how we can support you through the recruitment process.

Sharing this information will help you access support should you need it and will also help us to better understand the impact of our work.

If you would like help understanding this document or would like to receive it in another format phone 0436 945 640 using the National Relay Service 133 677 if required, or email David Adeson on

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